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The time has arrived….. we have a studio space for Purple Nickel! It still hasn’t set in and we are constantly muttering ‘I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS SPACE IS OURS!‘. And in unison. Ok maybe not at exactly the same time but it does get brought up at least 10 times while in there. We have always kept our eyes peeled for a RAD space that would support our creative juices and when we stumbled across this one it was way too good to pass up. We almost didn’t even know of its existence. As we were leaving the building, it was brought up that a certain tenant had two spaces that would be available at the end of the month. So we immediatly said ‘where’s the other one?‘. The landlord casually replied ‘oh on the second floor… yeah it has exposed red brick walls, natural window light and hard wood floors!‘. ‘WHAAAAAAT?!‘. Unfortunately that day we couldn’t see the interior and could only get a glipse through some small windows that lead up the stairs. For the next two weeks we went CRAZY! Yes we had to wait that long to view it, after the tentant moved out. Our stomachs were tied in knots. I think mine more than Eric’s. Every second we debated ‘should we do it…should we not do it?‘ But the one thing we’ve realized over the years is WE MUST TAKE RISKS! And this is an exciting one…

purple nickel studio new studio space . extra extra
A BIG shout out to Erin & Don Durband for introducing us to the building! We couldn’t have done this without you, LOVE YOU BUNCHES!

We can’t wait to show you our journey…

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