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purple nickel studio . extra extra


All you blog readers start gettin’ excited cause we are proud to host a super duper RAD giveaway courtesy of Laundry Bags. What are Laundry Bags you ask??? Only the COOLEST packaging solution around for boutique photographers. Erin Durband, founder + Trash the Dress photographer, crafted these niffty deconstructed t-shirts into stylish + reusable packaging… ending the frustration of finding a way to deliver your canvases and/or framed artwork to your clients. Each bag is hand made by Erin herself using some MAD sewing skills. HOW COOL IS THAT!!! Wanna find out more about these bad boys? Head on over to Laundry Bag’s Etsy Site and stay up to date on Laundry Bag’s Facebook Page.

purple nickel studio . extra extra

purple nickel studio . extra extra

All photos courtesy of e•kah•d photography

The Loot

We are giving away not ONE, not TWO… but THREE reusable T-Shirt Packaging Bags for your yummy products (retails for $66). Each bag can hold up to 20″x22″ of art work @ 3″ thick. Perfect for two same size canvas prints.

How To Win


Yes you heard it right… you get a chance to enter twice!!! If you are a professional photographer with a valid website + email, just follow the instructions below.


Tweet the following (or just click): RT to win! @unluckyscholar and @getnickeled of Purple Nickel Studio are giving away 3 Laundry Bag T-Shirt Packaging Bags!


Leave a comment on our blog detailing your most embarrassing on-location shooting moment! THIS IS JUST FOR FUN… we promise we are only laughing with you, not at you.

The Deadline

We’ll stop accepting entries at mid-night, Friday December 10th…  Contest now CLOSED.  The winner will be selected at random and announced early the following week. The winner will get their choice of either (3) white or (3) grey or (3) black packaging bags. WHAT ARE WAITING FOR??? In all seriousness, these bags ROCK so get your entries in YO!!! You won’t be disappointed…


casia + eric


We’ve decided to add our most embarrassing story to share with you all!

Thankfully we haven’t had too many but on this one occasion my stomach dropped. I (Casia) am always the one to take the roll of packing up all our gear, charging batteries + clearing the CF cards. And I always always always double check things to make sure all cameras are locked + loaded. So just recently we took our friends Chelsea + Kyle out to the middle of no where… practically. All is good, we’re parked in the location we scouted, selecting clothing attire and Eric is a few feet away testing lighting. That’s when he say’s…’uhhhhhhh babe… can you come here?’, in a soft worried voice. So the automatic response in my mind is ‘oh gosh now what?’. His next words are ‘ummmmm where are my batteries?’, as we’re huddled closely together like they do in a pep talk. My mind went blank and my stomach literally dropped!!!. ‘WHAT!!!!’, I responded. But not too loud as I didn’t want our friends to hear my frustration. Eric say’s ‘yeah there’s no batteries in my camera grip.’ In the words of Rachel Zoe, ‘I DIE!’, but not in a good way. And in the fastest record time ever I unlocked my camera grip and deep down inside the pit of my stomach I was dreading the worst. As in we were gonna have to cancel the whole shoot and drive all the way back home. But……… yes but……. I always have two batteries in my camera and Eric usually has one. So low and behold I had my two!!! OMG… what a quick save… right?. So I gave Eric one of mine and since we were only shooting for 2 hours there would be plenty of battery juicy-ness to last us. Whew! And as soon as we got home I found his lonely battery still on the charger. ARG!!! And you can bet I’ll never do that again.


And the Laundry Bags winner is……… Heather Hamer of HH Photography!  WOOT WOOT!!! You’re gonna LOVE your bags!

Winner was selected randomly.

Thank you to all who entered… it sure was fun reading all your stories!

And to conclude the ah-mazing giveway here is Heather’s most embarrassing story: My husband and I work together on weddings and this is more his embarrassing story than mine… But at the reception while the guests were eating outside we needed to do some quick group shots that we missed due to people arriving late. All the guests could see us taking the photos as we were in the grass just a little away from the dining area. My husband has an intense, irrational phobia of snakes. He can’t even see one on TV without jumping. Well, he was taking the photo and didn’t realize it but there was a snake just below his feet. One of the bridesmaids in the shot pointed out that there was a snake. He let out a huge scream and accidentally stepped on the snake while running as fast as he could away (luckily he had the camera strap on or he would have dropped the camera). All the guests stood up and got out of their seats to see what was going on. While my husband was off to side waiting for the situation to be “safe” again, a bunch of guests and wedding party surrounded the snake deciding what to do with it. One brave soul took the snake away. My husband was sooo embarrassed he could hardly face anybody the rest of the evening. What made it worse was the groom was in the military and all of the groomsmen were macho military men.

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