Living in downtown Tucson certainly has its perks. We’ve mentioned this several times before, so excuse the broken record, but we have met so many fabulous people because of it. It also doesn’t hurt to get out and mingle, attending as many social events as we can. Speaking of that, this is how we first met this lovely lady. Little did we know at the time, but we were neighbors. Tucson is the biggest, small town we know. For today’s headshot, we have the pleasure of featuring the hip, smarty-pants Jean. Check it, you’ll get that one in a sec, she graduated from Yale and has a master’s degree from Harvard. Yowsers! She’s been a teacher, tournament director, educational consultant and currently has taught thousands of individuals to play chess. See, know you get it … Jean recently accepted a new position and to our delight, recognized the importance of having a new updated headshot. More like deserved one. We can’t tout it enough how wonderful it feels to have an image of yourself that you can instantly share with your peers and feel proud of. It empowers you. The goal for her session was to showcase a witty, intelligent yet fun gal.


Tucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel StudioTucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel Studio

I absolutely love the photos and am so grateful for everything you have done.” – Jean

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