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Purple Nickel Kids Photography TucsonPurple Nickel Kids Photography Tucson

Hello everyone and happy July! We’re extremely excited to finally talk about a new adventure/beginning at Purple Nickel. The idea was born well over a year ago and yep took us that long to craft (mainly because someone is a perfectionist, his name starts with an E). Well … really we had to do some remodeling in our space and when you do it yourself you know how that goes. It was extremely hard to keep under wraps and today we get to spill the beans.

KIDS is an indoor photographing experience, just for kids and only kids, designed to document them the way they are … REAL, SIMPLE, HONEST. This was all made possible by the help of our friends, supporters and fans. THANK YOU!!! We’ve loved hearing your ideas, feedback and constant cheering. We’re truly grateful.

For your patience we’ve decided it was only fair to give you two ways to get some savings! Click on the image above, read all about the experience in our nifty guide and see for yourself just how much fun your kids will be having. If you connect with us today, July 11th, or tomorrow you’ll receive a $25 product credit. In addition to this savings, LIKE our Purple Nickel Facebook page (if you don’t already) and share the KIDS launch post with a beaming endorsement from the heart and get another $25 product credit! You can connect and begin the process by clicking HERE or by filling out the form in the connect section of the guide. You might wanna be quick about it though, KIDS has been highly anticipated and we only set aside a few slots a month.

Or as we call it ‘the loop‘. If you haven’t heard by now or missed our first issue… here’s your chance to sign up for the next installment. In it you will find interesting and exciting events, products, music and news. It’s a place where we get to share with the world what inspires us, makes us laugh and shakes our arse. We’re behind on May’s newsletter but promise it will be filled with June events as well. Click on the image below to join our mailing list. We promise you’ll LOVE IT! And if you’re already signed up, Sah-WEET! Be on the look out in the next coming days………….

purple nickel studio . extra extra

And just to entice you even more… click HERE!

I’m excited to share these Senior REP cards I did for one of our awesome clients… She rocked her session + had a killer personality, thus why we thought she’d make a perfect SeniorREP!!! If your interested in becoming one of our SeniorREPs just drop us a line.

Anyway, enough about that. I want to take a moment and give a little insight on how I approach design. I don’t call it my philosophy just yet because in my opinion it takes years to develop a true succinct way of doing things. So for now let’s just call it a bit of my philosophy. My approach is simple… stay simple! I really don’t know any other way to describe it (mainly because I suck at writing). For me, a successful and powerful design breaks it’s components down to the absolute essentials. In other words, how can I communicate my intention with the least amount of fluff. For instance, when I sat down to layout these SeniorREP cards I knew I wanted to use a bold graphic, the least amount of text possible and one powerful image. I’m drawn to straight lines (almost obsessive about it), whether it be in architecture, furniture, typography, etc. They are in everything I design, one way or another. I am also on a constant search for order. How things come together in space is just as important as the information itself. I guess it’s the only way my tiny little brain can comprehend it. If something is too busy, I go NUTS!!! So looooong story short that’s a bit of my design philosophy. Key point, strip whatever it is your designing down to its core. Because the core is the central, innermost part of anything… according to

Purple Nickel Studio . Extra ExtraPurple Nickel Studio . Extra Extra

In case you’re wondering, I used Moo to print these cards. If you haven’t heard of Moo Cards then you’ve officially been living under a rock. Kinda like that guy in the Geico commercial. We also provided our REP with a cool carrying case (also by Moo) so she can pass out the cards in style…

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