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Living in downtown Tucson certainly has its perks. We’ve mentioned this several times before, so excuse the broken record, but we have met so many fabulous people because of it. It also doesn’t hurt to get out and mingle, attending as many social events as we can. Speaking of that, this is how we first met this lovely lady. Little did we know at the time, but we were neighbors. Tucson is the biggest, small town we know. For today’s headshot, we have the pleasure of featuring the hip, smarty-pants Jean. Check it, you’ll get that one in a sec, she graduated from Yale and has a master’s degree from Harvard. Yowsers! She’s been a teacher, tournament director, educational consultant and currently has taught thousands of individuals to play chess. See, know you get it … Jean recently accepted a new position and to our delight, recognized the importance of having a new updated headshot. More like deserved one. We can’t tout it enough how wonderful it feels to have an image of yourself that you can instantly share with your peers and feel proud of. It empowers you. The goal for her session was to showcase a witty, intelligent yet fun gal.


Tucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel StudioTucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel Studio

I absolutely love the photos and am so grateful for everything you have done.” – Jean

Eric and I do our best to surround ourselves with friends who share similar values, especially creativity. We have found that many of these friends dabble in a variety of creative outlets. Settling for one is just plain snooze-ville. I bet if you asked any visionary about their interests, hobbies and sources of income you would see a mixture of sources. They can’t stop at one, it’s not in their blood. So why am I bringing up this topic you ask? Well … because filling our creative well-being is something we talk about ALL THE TIME. We already spend a lot of time sharing our portrait photography work, but with the explosion of social media we now have a platform to display what other things make us tick. Custom succulent arrangements, reviewing music, dreaming up DIY projects, graphic design, home design and interior decorating/thrifting are just a few on our long list of stuff we wouldn’t mind making a few more buckaroos doing. It’s important for us to sharpen many different tools, cause you just never know where life’s going to take you!

For today’s headshot session we have the pleasure of featuring the sociable Julie Rustad. The goal for her shoot was to showcase an approachable happy artist. Remember what I mentioned above about having many creative tools in the air, well Julie is quite the juggler. A graphic designer, musician, wife, mother and most recently creator of Julie Originals – Fine Art Gifts. Umm yeah, she’s got her hands full!

Tucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel StudioTucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel StudioTucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel StudioTucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel Studio

Have you ever cringed at trying something new … even though you know it will be good for you, really fun and make you happy? Of course, we all have! New experiences seem intimidating. Maybe you don’t know where to start? Maybe this new experience won’t live up to your expectations? Why bother then? It’s easy to do the same old mundane stuff day to day to day, but ultimately that isn’t living. So for once let’s leave those apprehensions at the door. Take a baby step. Better yet, run! Whatever gets you to start something new.

I’m sure you are wondering what this has to do with our photography. We wish we had a dollar for every person that’s told us how much they hate getting their picture taken. We like to replace the word hate with fear. Fear they aren’t pretty enough, skinny enough, friendly enough (don’t understand this one) or worthy enough. We get it! It’s nerve racking to step in front of a camera and be vulnerable. It takes courage. We have a healthy respect for these feelings. We honor them, but then BLOW them up. Cause when you get photographed by us we guarantee it will be fun!

For today’s headshot we have the pleasure of featuring the calm, kind-hearted Jennifer. We met this super sweet gal at an AIGA meet up. That makes four graphic designers this year. Let’s keep that number rolling. The goal for this shoot was to showcase a casual, comfortable, creative professional. Say that three times fast!

Tucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel StudioTucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel StudioTucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel Studio
I am sure I mentioned this already but I usually hate having my picture taken and was super nervous but you both made it fun!” – Jennifer

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