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We truly get a kick out of collaborating with fellow professionals, especially creatives. They speak our language, understand our ideas and pretty much give us complete creative reign. Trust is key. For today’s headshot, we have the pleasure of featuring the very out-going Kathryn of Prideaux Design. Over and over we recognize how small Tucson really is. Someone always knows someone you know. Did we say that right? No seven degrees of separation here, it’s more like two. And so goes it with Kathryn. Our ‘soon to be’ clients always find us in a round about way. We love it! Kathryn’s landscape + interior design firm is located at the Metal Arts Village (which we looked at before landing our downtown space), it screams creative collective community. Say that three times fast! We admire her functional and sustainable custom work. Connecting her clients to the natural environment is also a huge plus!

Tucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel Studio
Tucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel Studio
Tucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel Studio
Tucson Headshot Photography Purple Nickel Studio

You have made me vain – it is TOTALLY your fault – I am considering putting my pic at the end of all my emails. Just kidding I won’t – maybe a magnetic sticker for my car (like the real estate ladies) or even better – a big BILLBOARD. hee hee – I just had to say once more that I am sooooo happy : )” – Kathryn

Our morning was filled with tons of giggles + smiles. Heather, we don’t believe you one stinkin’ bit that you don’t like your picture taken.
The proof is below………..

“Thank you Eric and Casia! I really enjoyed my photo shoot from start to finish. Your service was friendly, professional and extremely timely. Your communications before the shoot left me feeling like I knew exactly what to expect. Your tips about makeup and clothing were very helpful. I know you don’t believe me but I am really shy in front of the camera. You made the experience so easy and enjoyable; I didn’t feel self-conscious at all. The only problem was that it was extremely difficult choosing my favorite images (because they were all wonderful!!!). Thank you for both the entire experience as well as the finished products! I will definitely be back!!! Hugs!” – Heather

We first met Dianne at a local photography industry mixer. Learning that she had relocated from Seattle, it was no surprise to us that she would be our kind of peep. We also speak the same business language (huge brownie points). Talk about a breath of fresh air! So when she contacted us this spring about updating her business headshots we were thrilled. She understands the importance of first impressions and putting a face to her brand. Two things ‘the right’ client looks for when browsing around your site. Dianne is fun + quirky and wants to attract the same kind of clients. We feel these photographs captured her PERFECTLY! Though she did make our job super easy.

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