Holy moly!!! Where has the time gone?. Today we celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary!!! Some of our close family and friends know our story but for those of you who don’t here goes…We got set up on a blind date and I secretly have blonde hair!!! Dang it…the cats outta the bag. Yes that’s right. When we met I was just 19 and Eric was 24. After our first ‘real’ official date (not the blind date) I knew that this relationship would be different. It was like we had been dating for years and it had only been hours. I was so comfortable and felt so special with him. Awwwwwwwww!!!  And to this day we both still debate on what movie we had seen that night. I say ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and he says ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’. Maybe I should check the book I made reflecting on our first year together.  I saved EVERY movie ticket stub that year. I know…I know…I’m a sap.

We had a long engagment, bought our very first brand spankin’ new cars (scions), signed on my mom’s fixer-upper house and started designing our wedding after I graduated college in 2005. Phew!!!  Now that we can look back on the big day there’s so many details we might do differently but at the time we were sooooo proud of ourselves for planning the entire experience. We spent countless late hours after work creating our invitations on a large work table at an old architecture firm. We constructed everything that had to do with paper or paint. It was fun, very rewarding yet very exhausting. I kept saying ‘we should have just eloped!‘. When we revisit our photographs from our wedding day we can’t help but giggle. Our style has changed sooooooo much and keeps evolving every minute…sometimes that’s good and sometimes it’s overwhelming. All we can say is that we absolutely can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us crazy kids…it’s gonna be AH-mazing!!! So we’re now kinda wondering what our 10 year anniversary pics will look like?.

purple nickel studio . extra extra

So we have a little challenge for you all…where in Tucson did we first meet each other on our blind date? Oh come on you gotta know this! Leave your guess in the comment box below…good luck! Too late…Maggie (Eric’s mom) guessed correctly!!! We first met at an Ice Cats Hockey Game (University of Arizona team). YAY!!!

  1. Heidi Fazio happy anniversary, you two are just so cute!!

  2. josh solar I've never been to Tucson, so I won't be able to guess where you met, but I WILL say that you 2 are both such amazing people. I'm so glad that Jenny and I get to call you friends. Congrats on the 4 years of marriage! I can tell you from my experience that it just gets better and better and better and better :)

  3. anda happy anniversary you two. you look soooo different, casia! i never would have known that was you in those pics!

  4. Josh Eegee's!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fonzarelli AWWWWWWW....Congrats guys...May you celebrate many many more!!!

  6. Michael Chansley Happy Anniversary!!!!

  7. Randy Awe, congrats you two! So happy for you! :)

  8. Leah Simmers For some odd reason I'm guessing bowling, wait know, wait know maybe mini golf

  9. Gina Don't know the first place that ya'll met but I remember when Eric brought you to NC to meet Maw-Maw Canter. She sure did love you. She told me after you all left that you were a "sweet girl" and she thought it was funny that you took so many pictures of the smokehouse and wood shed. I also remember Victoria, who was probably three then, kept telling us that she wanted to go back to Maw-Maw Great's to play and catch lightning bugs with the "little girl". I also remember the trip to Carowinds with the three of us shoved into my single cab pickup and wanting to slap the lady running one of the roller coasters. Congratulations on your 8 years together and pray that you have many, many, many more.

  10. Liora you guys are super fantastic - congratulations!!

  11. Marcy Congrats you guys!!!!!

  12. Carissa Pasewark Didn't you guys meet at a party/get together or am I just smokin' crack? I know that's the first time I met Eric. LOL! Congrats on the many years together and best wishes for many more! I remember the "old" Casia and I liked her too - don't bag on the blonde curls :) AND the Ace of Base signed poster. Yeah, I said it!

  13. MooMoo Happy Anniversary; it's hard to believe it's been 4 years already!!! Congrats to you two lovebirds and here's to many, many more! Love ya, MooMoo

  14. Mom (Maggie) Congrats to the lovely couple. Four years and counting. You are perfect together. I am very proud of the wonderful work you have done. Keep it up..... I believe you were at hockey game on your blind date.

  15. Casia Awwwww....Thanks EVERYONE for such nice words :) WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! And YAY....Maggie guessed it right! We met for the first time @ an Ice Cats Hockey Game. And this is what I thought to myself as I walked up to him...'Dang Eric's too tall for me'!...LOL.

  16. Millie Nice to know your Wedding photos actually were on that disc you never looked at :) So crazy to see you with long hair! I love the short MOD dew :)

  17. Roxy If I remember correctly you told me the story of how you guys met...was it at The Cactus Moon??? For some reason that sticks out in my mind...anyways Congrats on 4 years and hope you enjoy the next 40!!!

  18. yellowskinnyphotos.net Cutest ever. You guys rock southern az's world.

  19. Michelle Rasmussen AWWWWWW!!! Heehee SO cute!

  20. Erin congrats you crazy kids! :)

  21. Kassia You look so beautiful Casia! I love your hair in the photos too. You look so happy, both of you. :) I also love your current do as well! You can rock blonde and brunette. I just saw the photos Nate took of you two. AWESOME sauce. You guys look so good!

It’s our favorite time of year the 6th Annual Modern Phoenix Home Tour + Expo is this weekend April 10th & 11th. Eric and I always attend the home tour as we have never been disappointed in all it’s yummy mid-century modern architecture scrump-dilliicious-ness. But….drum roll please……this year we are hosting our very first booth at the expo!!! Purple Nickel style all the way….Ekkkkk….so EXCITED. And get this…we’re teaming up with the clever-nisity of DWR (design within reach) for superb stylin’ within our booth lounge.  Think mid-century retro mod furniture + clean sleek fixtures mixed in with our hip fresh mod photography!!!  Oh…and us too!  So if you’re attending the expo or are in the Scottsdale area on Saturday from 11-5 please oh pretty please come by to see us and say ‘Hola Amigos’!  It’s free (the expo part) so no excuses people.  We will also be documenting our booth setup and hope to capture some video too so all our outta town peeps can drool. Just kiddin’…well sort of. And we’re gonna be rollin’ out complimentary modern headshots also known as ‘get faced‘ throughout the day. So come sign up!

purple nickel studio . extra extrapurple nickel studio . extra extra

  1. Debbie This event sounds awesome and I just might have to go. Sounds promising seeing that you two go every year. Have fun.

  2. Bobby Wow you two are totally working this modern thing. It's really cool to see photographers thinking outside of a typical vendor expo. Can't wait to see some shots of your set up. I know it's gonna kick ass!

  3. brenda ahhh i really wanted to go to the home tour, but it's sold out. i love the mid century modern style---and wish i could have a house like that. maybe i will try harder to get tickets earlier next time. so then are you guys going to be at the Scottsdale Arts Center? i was trying to read and figure it out, but my brain is a little exhausted. sorry if it's really clear and i am not getting it! i really want to come see you guys if i can! it shouldn't be too hard cuz my mom is in the Scottsdale hospital which is such a short walk from the Civic Center....and i am staying here a lot lately.

  4. brenda er wait i mean the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts from 11-5. okay, i see. you even drew the red lines around it! are you guys getting to go on the home tour?

When Eric and I first met Read & Amber of ‘greenray‘ tees we were BLOWN AWAY by their enthusiasm. They’re a husband + wife creative duo…just like us! So they know exactly how fabulous it is to work together as a partnership. And of course we wouldn’t have it any other way!!! Read + Amber are starting a brand NEW adventure together within the clothing industry. So exciting!!! Their AMAZING concept behind greenray‘s organic graphic tees is to help spread awareness about environmental issues through a bug named Ray…their ECO-friendly ‘praying mantis’. He’s way cool and gets to participate in so many RAD-ilicious activities…from biking to meditation to breakdancing!!! Their first line up which hits this spring consists of 13 designs made for men & women…some are for both! But you’ll just have to wait n’ see all their wicked creations once the site unveils….oh’ so very soon! Seriously you’re gonna LOVE IT!!!

Here’s just a little teaser of ‘breaker ray’ the version for women to hold ya over. Can you spot ‘ray’?.

And we can’t say this enough but thanks again Read & Amber for such a killer weekend of shooting. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of models/friends to hang out with during the journey!

purple nickel studio . flipside

  1. ryan sweet! can't wait to see the whole shoot... this is an awesome teaser. you both were lovely to meet and work with. cheers! ryan & sheena

  2. matt sloan do they have an online store?

  3. Casia Ryan + Sheena...it was a pleasure!!!

  4. Casia Matt- the online store is set to launch this Spring!!! So EXCITING!!!

  5. denise whittier way damn cool. good luck luvies! mama dee

  6. paul stop teasin'! give us the rest! :)

  7. Erin BAM! that's a rad photo :)

  8. John Pascale Nothing like a little bert & grover on your boom-face-box. Sweet shot

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